Interior Space
Wine Environments

Design is a primary driver for our work. It encompasses consideration of the flow of the client's day to the way natural light fills a room at a certain time of the morning. Our goal is to create spaces where people experience a sense of calm and well-being.


We encourage conversation from day one of planning. All artisans and subcontractors are involved in meetings from the beginning so everyone is intimate with the arc of the project. This process greatly contributes to collaborative understanding and qualitative success.

The interior is a palette where the outside natural world should never be too far away. This relationship allows us to feel connected to nature while maintaining a sense of security.


Our acquired personal belongings can be framed with the surfaces and textures of an infinite number of resources today. Never before have we had the choices of sustainable products which allow our homes to be vibrant and healthier spaces.


We create handcrafted homes to accent your lives and not compete with them.

Albion Cellars has been creating one-of-a- kind wine environments in residential and commercial spaces for 35 years.


We offer an understanding of the art of humidification and HVAC designs, imported and custom made doors and correct choice of materials for a balanced working system.


Years in the wine trade have informed us on how best to not only protect your investment but also design a meaningful centerpiece for your home or winery.


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